Example of a sketch


Example of a flatcolor


Example of a shaded


Example of a celshaded


Example of a background


Sketches* $35.00
Flatcolor* $50.00
Shaded* $65.00
Celshaded* $80.00
Headshot $65.00
Refsheet Coming soon
Stickers Coming soon
Badges Coming soon
*Background and / or additional characters extra
Various payment forms accepted!



Content Policy

  1. I. What art do I offer?

    • I offer styles such as a lineless celshading, vector lined illustrations, and assorted sketching styles.
    • I am very flexible with how features are drawn, such as faces, eyes, ears, etc, though I am motivated to create authentic animal depictions with human qualities.
    • My artwork is often flat shaded and considerably vibrant. I am very literal with color and don't often experiment outside of personal work. I have a red-green colorblindness.
  2. II. Themes I like to draw

    • Character work
    • Scenary
    • Plushies
  3. III. Themes I will not draw under any circumstances

    • Content containing minors in adult situations.
    • Content involving implied or deliberate lack of consent, such as rape, manipulation, hypnosis and so on.*
    • Content involving bodily fluids / waste.*
    • Content involving hate groups or other harmful organizations.
    • Content meant to abuse, harm, slander, or otherwise attack marginalized groups or individuals.

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to the following terms.

    • Please conduct yourself politely and as clearly as possible.
    • Please be as detailed as possible when discussing commissions, and do not be afraid to ask questions!
    • You may be quoted higher than normal based on complexity of character or background.
    • Harassment of me, fellow customers, or stream viewers will not be tolerated under any circumstances. It may lead to termination of future contact.
    • Charge backs after work has been completed will result in termination of future services. I will fight the charge back to the fullest extent of my ability.

    • Payment must occur after the initial sketch is created and approved, though it may occur any time before that at the commissioner's request.
    • I accept most forms of payment, such as CashApp, Ko-fi, and so on.
    • You may be quoted higher than normal based on complexity of character(s) or background.

    • All commissions begin with an initial sketch and an overview of the piece in full. Payment is not typically requested until this stage is complete.
    • You may cancel the commission at any time before payment has been sent.
    • Progress reports can be given as often as the commissioner requests, as long as they are within reasonable intervals.
    • My goal is to finish work within 14 days of payment date, it may be longer or shorter based on circumstances which will be communicated as often as applicable.
    • In the final stage of work, edits / adjustments may be requested within reason.
    • Images are delivered in their full resolution. You are free to post to social-media as you wish, and with permission, I will do the same.
    • All public commissions are tracked via my Trello!

    • I strive to make my customers happy, and happily encourage "nitpicking", especially in the sketching stage.
    • Towards the end of a commission, only minor changes can be made. Issues due to miscommunication may not be easily fixed, please be as clear as possible with your details!
    • Major edits and or changes may incur an additional fee.

    My rights with your art

    • Unless otherwise noted in your commission application, I may publish your commission to my site and or personal art social media accounts.
    • In addition, I may use your art in self-promoting advertising material.

    Your rights with your art

    • You retain the right to personal usage of your art.
    • You do not retain the right to use your own in commericial material unless discussed prior.

    • I have the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission at any time.
    • Once payment has been sent in, you are unable to demand a cancellation or refund.
    • Chargebacks against me will lead to a permanent termination of all future services.

About ScritchWorks

Willoughby Hello there! My name is Willoughby! I'm a ferret with a tablet and I love to draw!
Drawing helps support me and improve my skills and ScritchWorks is my little corner of the internet where I can do so!

I am a self-taught artist, been interested in drawing ever since I was a little kit! Some of my artistic influences include Nicholas Kole and Moby Francke. I consider myself a very socialable person; however, I am a noctivagant, so it may be difficult to find me during the daytime!

I'm mostly comfortable with portrait work, but I love a good challenge! I am very thankful for the people who support me and the work I create, and I hope to become a great artist!

Pronouns: He/Him
Species: Sable Mask Ferret
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Fun
Programs: Krita, Paint Tool Sai 2


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All times are in East Coast US

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